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Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

Through promoting the Library Blog

By Romi Febriyanto Saputro *

According to Wikipedia, a blog is an abbreviation of "web log" is a form of a web application that resembles writings (published as a post) on a public web page. The writings are often published in the inverse order (newest first new content and then followed by the content of a more long), although not necessarily so. Web sites like this usually can be accessed by all users of the Internet in accordance with the topics and goals of the user's blog.
Media blog first dipopulerkan by, owned by PyraLab before PyraLab diakuisi by at the end of 2002. Since then, there are many applications of open source is for the development of the blog author.
Blog has a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publications, media campaigns, through programs and media companies. Some of the blog maintained by a single author, while in part by several other authors.
Blog features interaction with its visitors, who can approve its visitors to leave comments on the contents of any posts that are published. However there is also a vice or a non-interactive.
The description above indicates that the blog is a cheap media campaign to make gay and publications both for individuals and an organization. Blogs do not need a server as a website. Just start an email, someone can create a blog for free. In the virtual world, make this activity more often referred to by the term "blog".
Blog world is a world full of color. Ironically, to this day I still often see the presence of a public library district / city in the world blog. While the media is a blog that is quite appropriate for a library to publish teak himself in the virtual world for free.
Sepinya world blog from the library this is the voice that encourages writers to create a blog in order to bring UPTD Library Sragen Regency in the world with the virtual address
With this same article, the author invites readers to visit us in the virtual world. Give your suggestions and criticisms to us for perfection our blog. Given that we are still in the learning process and continue to learn the blog that has a library for the public benefit.
This step is a little late because the author did indeed end of September the new library we get internet access from the official Government of Sragen Regency. But, as saying the words, "Better late than not at all."
Sragen blog in this library, visitors can enjoy the library, the library profiles, news photos, race events, opinions, book reviews, and digital collections.
Blog world and the world has a library function that is almost the same distribution of information to the public. Public Library District has a moral obligation to not only present in the real world that serve only one community district / city only. But also present in the virtual world to serve the community across districts.
This is indeed a library function, a transport that is capable of literasi information across territorial boundaries. The feel of a national decline even without the international feel of the local.
Blog world allows a library to promote the value of a library more. Since the presence of the Internet, the role of the library seems to be marginalized. Kesaktian search engines such as google and yahoo seems to disappear as a function of the library information center. Communities prefer to browse the information on Google than in the library.
For this is certainly the necessary steps a breakthrough that is capable of change challenges into opportunities to step further. The presence of a search engine like google, there would be more easier for the library in the vision and mission.
With google, the library can make a collection of articles, scientific papers, and journals based on their subject knowledge. Collection of information that is terolah like this has a power of attraction when displayed diblog library.
In other words, google provides the raw material, perpustakaanlah the process become so ready to be consumed by the public users. The specific subject of this collection of information will have better value in the virtual world and in the real world.
In addition, a blog is an arena for the librarian to conduct self-actualization. Blog arena can be a fairly representative for the librarian to learn to write.
Write ideas freely without power should be limited by the newspaper editorial staff. When the writings librarian can not be published in the print media, blogs can be an alternative for ideas, ideas, creativity and librarian. Express the aspirations of the library to the world.
Blog land is wet for the librarian to search for additional credit numbers. Why? Because one of the requirements so that any posts to get a credit number is publicized through the mass media. Writing in the blog include this category because the blog has now become a body mass media that can be accessed online by millions of people on planet earth.
* Romi Febriyanto Saputro, Librarian in the Office of Library UPTD P & K Kab. Sragen, First Race Winner Writing Articles About Kepustakawanan Indonesia Year 2008.