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Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Poetry and Culture Batin

Dictionary, grammar, printing, telephone, and internet memperpesat association and the development of modern culture. In the past, geographical distance and language differences become obstacles antarmanusia and cultural interaction, but the progress of civilization make expanse geographic distance can connect by communication technology and language differences can be barriers dijembatani by translation. Communication technology enable and accelerate the interaction and translation of a horizon of knowledge and cultural antarmanusia - this book is one example.

Book publishing multilingual Antologia de Poeticas (Kumpulan Puisi Indonesia, Portugal, and Malaysia) is the sublimation of melantari three nations and cultural rally in a book. This book is meant for meeting and antarbangsa and cultural understanding, and even allows persuaan antarbatin human character because part of poetry and menyembulkan intimacy and depth of human feelings, and through poetry (borrowed poetry poet Portugal Alexandre O Neil) to make the words''kiss as if we have an ''.

Indonesia and Malaysia have many cultural similarities, geographic proximity, and in the past been in touch with the depth of the nation Portuguese. Because of the three poems of this nation can not have the burden light. For Indonesia and Malaysia had occupation by the Portuguese, Indonesia had berkonfrontasi with Malaysia, Indonesia and diplomatic relations-Portuguese had to drop out because the case of Timor-East, so the poems in this book can diperankan''''not only as works of literature and representation vocabulary kesastraan each, but also medium-political cultural diplomacy.

Poems in this book can be used as material representations kesastraan nations and become a cultural reference to each other interact, learn, and understand. Punctilio representation that will be participated in shaping the association accuracy, knowledge, and understanding kesastraan and inter-cultural nation-the nation.

In this book about the representation perpuisian Portuguese paper 50 showing the name of King Dinis poet (born in 1265) to Jose Luis Poixoto (born in 1974). Indonesia perpuisian representation on the 52 since the poet Hamzah Fansuri (live on the 16-th century) until the Marhalim Zaini (born in 1976). While the representation of the perpuisian Malaysai put 16 names from the poet A. Samad Said (born in 1925) to Rahimidin Zahari (referred to as a humanist in biodatanya young Malaysian, regardless of birth year information). Number of the poet and a range of next-generation poet not guarantee the completeness and the size of representation perpuisian quality. Map perpuisian impression is aesthetic, not merely the names catenarian poet.

Introduction and discussion on perpuisian Portuguese by Maria Emilia Irmler and Danny Susanto mention the names of Portuguese poet and the detail so that their aesthetic perpuisian map showing Portuguese perpuisian relevant, essential, and convincing. Through the introduction and discussion of landscape and historical development of the Portuguese perpuisian provides information that can build knowledge and understanding about the depth and valuable perpuisian Portuguese past and present.

Introduction and discussion on Indonesia by perpuisian Maman S. Mahayana here and there touches of aesthetics, but still with berbaur consider cultural representations etnisitas or poet. And etnisitas affairs and cultural representation that is run with ketakkonsistenan, for example, not involving the superb Mardi poems and poetry Goenawan Mohamad who represented culture pesisiran, poems Tan Lioe Ie a representation of Chinese culture hybrid, and poems that offer Silado Remy pop culture in Indonesia poetry.

Goenawan Mohamad and Remy Silado also important in the name of aesthetics perpuisian Indonesia. Skip the name that means not just their name is not present, but also reduce the completeness of the important cultural and aesthetic representation perpuisian Indonesia.

While the introduction (and without discussion) by the perpuisian Malaysia Jamian Mohamad Casimiro and Maria Cristiana provide information that is too minimal to mild and sepenting this book.

Introduction and discussion on perpuisian it is a form of responsibility to bring this book to the audience. Poetry can indeed speak their own, but when the introduction and the discussion that accompanies a lack of poetry here and there will be a burden even poetry and damage atensi audience.

Sublimation can diemban books of this kind is not easily achieved. In addition to business representation, introduction, and discussion on three perpuisian the nation, is also the translation of factors that determine the quality or success of the presence of this book. Differences in language can be addressed by translation, but the essence of poetry is not a language (words, grammar, and semantika). Poems have a unique feel and style and often contain vague and complicated meaning.

Translate to translate the language of poetry is at once esoteric form of cultural or melatarinya. Translating poetry requires skill and courage. Concerns that arise in the translation of poetry is the cliche and classic. Inclusion of poetry in the original language in this book is a''solution''that can minimize the risk of translation.

Books such as this can menggaulkan a tradition of poetry in the wider environment or the world and a place that allows for mutual-learning. Ketertutupan a tradition of poetry in the middle of treasury treasury-perpuisian the world can be opened through the translation, as the view that''Jose Saramago writer with language to create a national literature. Literature of the world was created by the translators.''(*)

*) Binhad Nurrohmat, poet living in Jakarta

Book Title: Antologia de Poeticas

(Kumpulan Puisi Indonesia, Portugal, Malaysia)

Editor: Maria Emilia Irmler and Danny Susanto

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta

Printed: First, 2008

Thickness: 424 pages
Source Jawa Pos, February 8 2009

Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

Prevent Drugs With Reading

By: Romi Febriyanto Saputro * 

A. Learning From History
History has proven that drugs can reincarnate into "mass destructive weapons." A nation's civilization can be destroyed with poison the young generation with the drugs. History of opium war in China to prove that the strength of a nation can be devised with ditaklukkan drugs. British troops kolonialis successfully conquer China after the country is able to make Chinese opium addiction.
Since the beginning of the century to -19, the traders in the UK illicit opium trade to China and get a big hit. Cinalah who bear the consequences arising from the bad this trade. Therefore, the Chinese anti-opium movement do.
Encyclopedia Nasional Indonesia (1997) mentioned in the year 1837, making China the incentive anticandu propaganda and tighten control of trade with the close supervision of the port, an important port for Chinese traders English. In addition, China also apply the death penalty for opium users, including the scholars and the military.
English feel wronged and want to force China to open pelabuhannya for English traders. Tension, and after going over the killing of villagers by British people who are drunk, meletuslah war. China demanded that those guilty are handed to them, but with characteristic British kolonialnya decline.
As a result, the Emperor decided to destroy all the opium warehouse and its contents belong to the UK in Cantonese. On March 1839, terjadilan events beribu burning thousands of chest-owned British opium in Cantonese.
In the UK is also declaring war against China. Some of the coastal city of China attacked and seized by the British. After the war lasted for three years, England have victory and forcing a successful agreement with China. This Agreement is known as the Nanking Agreement signed on 29 August 1842.
In this agreement, among others, set: China must open the port Cantonese, Amoy, Foochow, Ninghsien, and Shanghai to British traders; European people in China get privileges; Hong Kong to the UK; the determination of import duties by the UK government, and China should pay war damages to the UK. Nanking this Agreement trigger kolonialis countries such as France, Germany, and Russia also demanded privileges.
War between China and the UK erupt again in 1856, when the English would wreak with lust kolonialismenya expand trade network in China. France and help the UK respond to demand top terbunuhnya French missionaries in the Chinese hinterland. China again suffering defeat in the war and forced to sign this agreement Tientsien the year 1858.
This Agreement is self-mocking Chinese because English forces melegalkan opium trade. Activists also broke out again until the year 1860. British allied with the French successful jockey howl and ransack property palace. China back howl forced to sign the Convention, which asserts that China is ready to receive the provisions in the Agreement Tientsien the melegalkan Drug trafficking. Of China was subdued in the hands of terrorism drugs that happy smile.
B. Of terrorism
Malik bin Nabi, an intellectual home in the Al Jazair write a book titled Syuruut Al-Nahdhah, wake up and that a failure of civilization depends on who is to be a "panglimanya". He said that a civilization will continue to climb, when the rise to "panglimanya" is the ruh. Ruh With a civilization that civilization will be clean and not terkotori. At the time this will be considered to reach the actual summit.
In the second phase, civilization will have a broadening of the expansion and development is not, when you become a player in the civilization that is preposterous. Of the intellect will be interesting to pull a fast way between the ruh and the chaste. The occurrence of pull interesting result of this will continue to stretch and not to increase value.
In the next phase, a destruction of civilization will experience when the bankruptcy and to "panglimanya" is carnality. At this point the slide will be swift to point the bottom
Malik Bin Nabi expression gives a lesson to us, that human civilization will always be an ebb and flow. When the ruh spiritualisme and morality became the commander of a civilization will be able to reach the peak of civilization. However, when reason and chaste morality has been overcome, then the rocket will fall to zero point.
Chinese civilization is known as the oldest civilization in the history of the world by terrorism feudatory drugs. This is because of this failure to respond to challenges and threats that are evolving. Emperor of China never imagine that opium will be the ringleader of China from the destruction of sovereign nations into a colonial nation.
This is consistent with the A Arnold Toynbee in A Study of History that says, that a bankruptcy is caused by the inability of actors to respond to the challenges that are evolving.
When a nation can not afford to give more answers to the challenges of developing and drowned in kejumudan, it can be ascertained that the decomposition will be. The failure of response to the challenge this indicates impotensi in civilization is.

History will continue to be repeated. The drug at the beginning of the century to -19 has been successfully destroyed the Chinese civilization, is now in the new millennium bereinkarnasi three drugs have become a potential terrorism that destroyed the civilization of mankind.
Drugs together with the advanced technology has modified itself into serious threat to all the nations. In 2005, the UN said that the data habitue drug addict in the world reached 200 million people.
In the land of water, BNN survey in 2006 showed prevalence of drug abuse during life of 8.3%. The higher the education level the higher prevalence figures. Prevalence of drugs in the secondary at 6%, increased to 9% in high school, and 12% in universities. They are a private school in the senior secondary level (10%) and universities (12%) higher prevalence than public schools and religion.
Survey results also show the increasing trend of drug abuse had a number of use of 5.8% in 2003 to be 8.3% in 2006. This indicates that the drug circulation becomes increasingly widespread, visible throughout the province have found a number drug abuse and almost no much difference between the percentage figures in the abuse of the city and district.
More than half of trespasser drugs are on the age group 15-19 years (58%), especially those who sit on benches in the senior secondary school (94%). This may be because dimaklumi in senior secondary school age are in this age range. There are differences between age groups with a trespasser in the city district. In the age group of less than 15 years trespasser more are in the district, while in the age group above 20 years more in the city.
Data above statistics confirm the existence of drugs as the number one terrorist in the world. Why? Because abuse of drugs will trigger a crisis in many areas of life. Drugs produce a domino effect extraordinary.
First, mendegradasikan moral community. BNN research in 2006 said that theft, fraud, spoliation, and hold a follow-crime carried out by the many drugs trespasser. Percentage who had stolen the family owned about 16% in the regular-use group and 24% in the habitue, who had stolen goods belonging to other people is 5% in the group of regular use and 13% in the habitue. While that never deceive, to seize, hold, or about 4% in the regular-use group and 9% in the habitue.
Second, the economic system. Habitue drugs will tend to spend income to buy drugs. Economic losses and social drug abuse in Indonesia in 2004 is estimated Rp.23, 6 trillion, and the number of trespasser drugs estimated 2.9 million to 3.6 million people, equivalent to 1.5% of the population of Indonesia (BNN & Puslitkes UI, 2005).
Third, cause physical and spiritual health. According to Dadang Hawari (Republika, July 2003), people who have been depending on drugs, the life experience of the soul so that the interference is no longer able to function as normal in society. Dadang Hawari research results show that 53.5% experienced heroin users aberration tuberculosis, 55.1% experienced liver function difference, 56.6% have hepatitis C infection, and 33.3% experienced virus infections of HIV / AIDS.
In addition, the RI Department of Health data, during the period of 1987 s / d in 2006 of AIDS cases due to the use of syringe drug penetrate from the 4122 figure (8,194 cases) far above the other factors triggered AIDS. Such as blood transfusion, gay, and perinatal transmission.
C. Character Education
According to Jalal Amin (2006), globalization is the rapid contraction in the distance between the human community, whether related to the transfer of commodities, people, capital, information, ideas or values. This means that globalization is a process of elimination territorial boundaries between one nation with other nations. This process of elimination continues until a step ranah cultural nation.
Ironically, the younger generation we accept globalization without a filter. Pengagungan over the dose of globalization has caused people to lose our roots and cultural history. Foreign culture with all its forms has memarginalisasi national culture and local culture. Three foreign domination product F, food (food), fashion (clothing), and fun (entertainment) in daily life so obvious.
The above phenomena indicate that our youth are very vulnerable to the influence of foreign culture. All things foreign are considered "good and modern." This resulted in the young generation like us to try-try something that is considered representative of modern life.
In the perception of young people, drugs is something that is quite challenging to try. Originally just try, to feel the effects after the grace They hooked. Once hooked they will do anything to get the goods is prohibited. Defense of the future generation is also eventually collapse.
BNN survey in 2005 found that the average age of first drug use around 18-19 years with a range of 10 to 32 years. The reason for using the drug the first time raised a lot of abuse in the household is fun (56%) and because of duress (22%). Whereas in order to abuse drugs in the house kos, the reason for using the drug the first time that many would like to try is raised (62%) and the solicitation / blandishment ternan (18%).
Ironically, most of the respondents in the household and in the house kos pemah with drugs, but who knows what the danger of drugs and drug-only 65% of households and 85% at home. That is, they become the drugs was not caused factors ignorance but exactly because they know that they have on. Know the dangers of drugs but the drugs would still like to try to prove that there was something wrong with our education system.
Education has failed to build national character of our youth. Education produces graduates who simply memorize knowledge not understand, menghayati, and a confident knowledge. As a result, our young generation terbius easy charm by pop culture
Piliang Yasraf According to Amir (2003), in the context of pop culture phenomenon with korelasinya and lifestyle, and how it was built entirely by industrialization and capitalism that makes the current media as the "propaganda" this is it, pop culture is often suspected as a strength that hegemonik fascist, identity and imagination when someone is determined from the top. Clearly, all these have impact on the way to view reality.
Pop culture brings us to the reality that all the surface. Reality that is only just outside the skin, a false reality, a simulakra. Pop culture is capitalism children uterus because it can not be released from industrialization. Recognized or not, pop culture participate in the share distribution of drug abuse. Unconsciously, pop culture has taken the role as a catalyst be adolescent drug abuse.
Sinetron film or glass picisan Is wide and often promote the lifestyle of young people as popular dugem, girls over-dose, oiled-up techniques mabukan even inject drugs. Ironically, that sinetron is that our young people avoid drugs even unwittingly changed to promote the use of drugs.
To fight against drugs, education must prepare a draft national education berkarakter strong. During this learning methodology is only focused on the approach to the left brain / cognitive, that is only require students to learn and memorize the concept of truth and without touching the feelings, emotions, and nuraninya. In addition, there was no practical implementation of the behavior and values of goodness and noble character in the life of the school. This is an error metodologis the fundamental moral teaching in the human.
Because it is not strange if found numerous inconsistencies between what is taught in schools and what is applied to children outside the school. Thus the role of parents in religious education for children formed the characters (read: character) to be very absolute, because the parents also have children's sustainability values of goodness that he was aware at the school.
Without the involvement of parents and the family then any values that are taught in schools will be futile, because character education (or morals in Islam) must contain elements afeksi, feeling, touch world, and practice together in the form of the practice of daily life .
Character education has the meaning of higher education's moral, not just because it teaches the truth, and one which, more than that character education inculcate habits (habituation) of the good things so that students understand a (cognitive aspect) about where the good and one, able to feel (afektif aspects of) the value of the good and want to do it (aspects psikomotorik).
In character education Lickona (1992) emphasize pentingya three components of good character (components of good character) that is moral or knowing about moral knowledge, moral feeling or sense of morality and moral action or moral act. This is necessary so that students are able to understand, feel and do as well as good values.
Foerster describes four basic characteristics that character education is quite important to inject the spirit of anti-drugs in the hearts of students, first, the interior regularity measure each action based hierarchy of values into action every normative guidelines. Students understand the hierarchy of values with good will not be easily tempted by the drug court has a variety of standard values to prevent. Religious norms, community, family, and the country is "immunization soul" to reject drugs.
Second, the coherence that gives someone the courage to make firm on principle, does not vacillate in the new situation, or fear of risk. Hold the principles of truth, courage is required competencies acquired by students. If the school is able to embed with the good nature of this, the outside of the school students will also have the courage to say, "No" on the invitation to friend using drugs interact.
Third, autonomy. Menginternalisasikan someone from outside the rules until a value for time. This can be seen through a personal assessment on the decision without pressure affected the other party. Sovereignty of the soul of students need to be built by educators, they are not easily affected by gentle persuasion-drug demons that continue bergentayangan.
Fourth, dependability and loyalty. Persistence is endurance someone want to be D. Interest Read
Character education can only be implemented if the schools in the ground water can stimulate the growth of interest in the students read. An interest in research to prove that someone reading will affect the character.
Magazine Child Development (January / February 2006) as cited H. Witdarmono (Kompas, 8 September 2006) published the results of research on the relationship between reading ability and aggressive attitude of the elementary school students. Miles Stipek research and find the relation between the level of reading ability and level agresivitas. In this study, aggressive behavior is limited in the four groups, "slasher", "not sabaran", "the love", and "custom pressing other children (bullying)."
Children grade 1 primary school, the reading ability is relatively low, while in grade 3, tend to have high levels agresivitas. Also, children, class 3, which has the ability to read low, tend to have highly aggressive attitude while in class 5. Perhaps, at the same level of association with them, children of low reading ability that is more frustrasinya accumulate. This makes them become aggressive. Conversely, there is relevance between social attitudes and the ability to read. The social attitude is "helpful", "understand the feelings of others," "have empathy," "no attention to the difficult," and "helpful / entertaining friends disappointed." Children's social attitudes that have a good time in kindergarten and grade 1 primary school are more able to develop the ability to read at grade 3 and grade 5 elementary school.
Research proves that the students who have a high interest in reading will tend to have a strong character. This is because reading is a complex process. Not only the process of reading is complex, but every aspect of the process of reading is also working with the very complex.
There are eight aspects of the work when we read, the aspects of sensori, perception, sekuensial (order of administration), experience, thinking, learning, association, and afeksi. Dikata may, during the progress, all aspects of psychiatric work on. The younger generation that this is a strong berkarakter will soon blossom into the next generation anti-drugs. Generation that has a high immunity to the drugs.
Ironically, most of our young generation is the generation of poor interest in reading. Dilansir data that describes the BPS in 2003, the Indonesian age of 15 years in the newspaper only to read 55.11%. Read the magazines or tabloids 29.22%, 44.28% story books, books and other knowledge of 21.07%. From 1993, a tendency to get information through reading only increased about 0.2%, far if dikomparasikan with watching television kenaikannya reached 21.1%.
BPS data show in 2006, the population of a reading as a source of new information about 23.5%. While watching the television 85.9%, and 40.3% listening to the radio. No reports of the World Bank. 16369-IND (in English Education from Crisis to Recovery), Vincent Greannary cite the results in 1998, said that the age-level reading class VI of primary school in Indonesia is only capable of reaching the 51.7 score in the bottom of the Philippines (52.6); Thailand (65 , 1) and Singapore (74.0).
The above facts make our hearts truly worry. In fact, the national education system has failed to bear the next generation to read. Education we just produce the next generation to read so-called "have learned". Generation who read only to reach out stark. Not the generation that continue to read throughout his life. Generation of this kind is potentially a lost generation that embrace the tsunami in drugs.
One method of learning that support the increased interest in reading for students is a method of learning konstruktivisme. According to E. Mulyasa (2002), focus on the approach konstruktivisme not rationality, but on understanding. This is the main reason why konstruktivisme can quickly replace the theory of cognitive development as a basis in research and practice in education. The attractiveness of this model is konstruktivisme on kesederhanaannya
Basic strategy of the model konstruktivisme learning is meaningful learning, which invites students to think and understand the subject material, not just hear, receive, and keep in mind. Each element of learning materials must be processed and interpreted in such a way so that makes sense. Something that does not make sense will not stick long in the mind.
Subjects related to the formation of character of students, such as: religious studies, moral character and moral rightly adopt this model of learning. So that learners can understand, menghayati, and practice religious and moral principle well. During this time, religious lessons in schools to reach a new milestone "penghapalan religion," moral lessons to a new stage "penghapalan moral" lessons and moral character was indeed reached a new stage "penghapalan moral character."
This strategy seeks good students and teachers have to learn the position as subject. As the subject of active learning both claimed to find data, information, and interpretation of the lesson material. Students are required to be kritisisme of the lesson material is not just mimic, copy, paste, and the sap is given by the teacher. With this strategy students and teachers are encouraged to have interest in reading high enough to utilize the school library.
Results obtained with this strategy meaningful learning will be far better than traditional learning by Paulo Freire learning system called the bank. Learn how the bank system will not encourage students to love reading. Next philosopher Paulo Freire encourage that learning should be raised nalar students with creativity and motivate students to learn how to explore data, analyze the data in the actual meaning.
Learn how the bank system will only generate the lesson material that is not comprehensive and IM. Sometimes there are some elements of learning material that is difficult to understand by students, but students are forced to accept such a grind. Model acceptance of the material so that lessons will only produce a poor practice in daily life. As a result learning take place in a static atmosphere, monoton and boring.
Learning strategy is very meaningful learning requires the support the library as a source of learning. Library can be used by students and teachers as a place of learning outside the classroom. Needs students to make active playing (active learning), interpretation (interpretation), make sense (make sense), Negotiation (bull), Cooperative (cooperation), and inquiry (menyelediki) can be done in the school library.
In the library students can also implement the concept of learning to know (learning to know), make learning (learning to do), learn to live in togetherness (learning to live together), a self-learning (learning to be); and learning for life (life long learning).
E. Conclusion
The war against drugs is done without strengthening the nation's character is mubadzir. Why? Because the most powerful defense against the temptations of drugs have themselves individuals themselves. Drugs will not be powerless if dealing with the generation of the nation berkarakter strong. Strength of character will continue to grow and develop in accordance with the increased interest in reading.
BNN can use the school library and public library to inject the spirit of anti-drug. Books, VCD, magazines and brochures about the anti-drug campaign can dilayankan in the library. In fact, if possible BNN can invite National Library of Indonesia to create a shared network, the network with the anti-drugs. This will involve the whole library is in the ground water.
Thus, the synergy between character education and reading interests will bear the future generations who know, understand, menghayati, and believes that drugs are poisons that must be dijauhi, dimusuhi, been, and the doghouse. This is the generation that will produce state officials, law enforcement, educators, and the state apparatus to be hard drugs. A nation that is able to transform knowledge into action and real morality, "War Against Drugs, and Win!".
Adhim, Fauzil. 2007. Children make the Gila. Bandung: Mizan.
Mulyasa, E. 2003. Competency-Based Curriculum: Concept, Characteristics, and Implementation, Bandung: Remaja Rosda paper.
Collection of R & D BNN Year Results 2003 - 2006. Jakarta: BNN, 2006.
Martianto, Dwi Astuti. 2002. Character Education In The New Paradigm Human Qualified. Bogor: Institut Pertanian Bogor.
Pikiran Rakyat Online, 2003. I style, That's Because I have.
Tilaar, H.A.R.1999. Some of the National Education Reform Agenda In 21 Century Perspective, Jakarta: Indonesia Tera.
Witdarmono, H. Read and Agresivitas. Kompas, 8 September 2006
seen what is good, while the fidelity is the basis for the top honor a commitment that is selected. Persistence and commitment to moral values is the main character of education. Thus the gulf between ideals and moral application in daily life can continue dipersempit. Maturity of the four characters is possible through a stage of human individuality toward personalitas.

By Romi Febriyanto Saputro *

The World of Bank, the World of Read the forgotten

27 Jan 2008 ago, Mrs. Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been a year in 2008 as the Year of Education Banking with the theme''Come to the Bank''. Now in the year 2009 this program should still be running without pencanangan .. Given that education is conducted to provide an understanding of the broadest community of services offered by banks.
Education is a conscious and systematic effort to reach the standard of living or better progress. Education banking is basically a process to educate the public to better understand the specifics of banking, to achieve better standards of life.
Education banking is basically a learning process for both the bank and the community. Both objects are at once the subject of study. In this case the banks to function as "teachers" and public works as "learners." Between the banking community must be involved and effective communication pattern, and efficient.
With knowledge and understanding about the world of good banking will be able to encourage people to make the process of self-empowerment. This strategy can be implemented with the approach literasi information.
Approach Literasi Information
Literasi own simply defined as the ability to read and write. In the context of community empowerment, meaning literasi have the ability to obtain information and use it to develop knowledge useful for the community.
According to HAR Tilaar (1999), the ability informative someone is the ability to analyze and explore the benefits of the information obtained. There are different between the data and information. Data that has been processed to be changed and this is information that has utility in the development of science or the application of science and technology in human life.
In fact we need is to control the information processing capability to think. Information obtained in the learning process is not the information that each stand alone, but that information is a series in the network so that a pattern has a meaning. This information is the result of the work of many experts, so that later would result in something creative and meaningful.
Cultivate literasi information in the life of a nation and state is a must. Banking education process must be defined as a process of nation building literasi.
UNESCO report in 2005 entitled Literacy for Life said that there is a close relationship between literasi with poverty. In many countries, where high poverty, low levels tend literasi. Literasi cause perkapita low income level. As happened in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nepal, and Mozambique. More than 78 percent of the population, earnings per day under 2 U.S. dollars.
Man who has the ability literasi economy will be more easy to access business information and memberdayakannya become an independent business. Man with this kind of qualification that will be able to utilize various banking services to improve the quality of life.
Banking education efforts directed towards the need to improve the economic literasi community. To realize this every bank in the soil water can make the program read in every corner waiting room bank. Corner read this collection must be supported with books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, audio-visual collections, and digital collections that support the banking education program.
During this waiting room is a public space that's quiet activities that are useful and productive. Sit still, "chat", "ngerumpi" and watching television is an activity that is common in the waiting room. In the waiting room as if the brain functions stopped.
The presence of a corner in the waiting room reading a bank other than to kill the boredom is also a media customer communications for the bank to make the process of banking education. This is read in a corner of the community can learn more in-depth calculation of interest on savings, term popular banking, banking mediation, anti-money laundering, with the alert that arouse bidding, electronic banking, call center and benefit the bank.
There is a reading corner also in line with the spirit of the law library. Law Number 43 Year 2007 About Library, said that the craze in the cultivation is done through the provision of public library facilities in public places an easy, affordable, and quality (Article 48 paragraph 4).
According to the explanation of the law, is a public place is the office, waiting rooms, terminals, airports, hospitals, markets, malls and others.
The presence of a corner in the waiting room reading is expected to be one of the power bob up and down to change the culture of oral culture to be read at the same time increase economic literasi community. Read books while waiting for a call from a bank teller certainly better than just sitting and waiting "bengong." Daya bob up and down this strength is very large because the growth of the banking industry has been very rapid and even penetrate through to the village level.
If every bank customer can transmit this to the reading habits of families and the neighboring environment, it will accelerate the process of going public realize that love to read. Reading habit, which continues to grow in turn will result in a literate society alias "awake" for information. This is a literate society that will support the educational program and succeed banking.
Education tersosialisasi banks will be well in the middle if people read this corner also give to the community. That is, the general public especially the students are free to access this reading corner.
Read the corner in each bank will be more useful than the existing hotspots in public spaces. This is to remember at this time Laptops can only be accessed by community groups of middle to top, while the corner can be read and enjoyed by anyone from anywhere without know the social stratification.
Participation in the banking sector to bring a corner reading this will make banking education slogan "Come to the Bank" will be more valuable instructive. Why? Because people will go to the bank not only to save but also to read. Saving and reading in the bank is certainly in line with the educational program at the same time will accelerate the banking culture to spread in the community.
Education-based banking literasi is an effort to empower the community. The aim is that the more people understand the banking sector as well as invite people to love reading. In turn this will improve the quality literasi community. Improvement is the key note literasi to improve the welfare of the community.

Through promoting the Library Blog

By Romi Febriyanto Saputro *

According to Wikipedia, a blog is an abbreviation of "web log" is a form of a web application that resembles writings (published as a post) on a public web page. The writings are often published in the inverse order (newest first new content and then followed by the content of a more long), although not necessarily so. Web sites like this usually can be accessed by all users of the Internet in accordance with the topics and goals of the user's blog.
Media blog first dipopulerkan by, owned by PyraLab before PyraLab diakuisi by at the end of 2002. Since then, there are many applications of open source is for the development of the blog author.
Blog has a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publications, media campaigns, through programs and media companies. Some of the blog maintained by a single author, while in part by several other authors.
Blog features interaction with its visitors, who can approve its visitors to leave comments on the contents of any posts that are published. However there is also a vice or a non-interactive.
The description above indicates that the blog is a cheap media campaign to make gay and publications both for individuals and an organization. Blogs do not need a server as a website. Just start an email, someone can create a blog for free. In the virtual world, make this activity more often referred to by the term "blog".
Blog world is a world full of color. Ironically, to this day I still often see the presence of a public library district / city in the world blog. While the media is a blog that is quite appropriate for a library to publish teak himself in the virtual world for free.
Sepinya world blog from the library this is the voice that encourages writers to create a blog in order to bring UPTD Library Sragen Regency in the world with the virtual address
With this same article, the author invites readers to visit us in the virtual world. Give your suggestions and criticisms to us for perfection our blog. Given that we are still in the learning process and continue to learn the blog that has a library for the public benefit.
This step is a little late because the author did indeed end of September the new library we get internet access from the official Government of Sragen Regency. But, as saying the words, "Better late than not at all."
Sragen blog in this library, visitors can enjoy the library, the library profiles, news photos, race events, opinions, book reviews, and digital collections.
Blog world and the world has a library function that is almost the same distribution of information to the public. Public Library District has a moral obligation to not only present in the real world that serve only one community district / city only. But also present in the virtual world to serve the community across districts.
This is indeed a library function, a transport that is capable of literasi information across territorial boundaries. The feel of a national decline even without the international feel of the local.
Blog world allows a library to promote the value of a library more. Since the presence of the Internet, the role of the library seems to be marginalized. Kesaktian search engines such as google and yahoo seems to disappear as a function of the library information center. Communities prefer to browse the information on Google than in the library.
For this is certainly the necessary steps a breakthrough that is capable of change challenges into opportunities to step further. The presence of a search engine like google, there would be more easier for the library in the vision and mission.
With google, the library can make a collection of articles, scientific papers, and journals based on their subject knowledge. Collection of information that is terolah like this has a power of attraction when displayed diblog library.
In other words, google provides the raw material, perpustakaanlah the process become so ready to be consumed by the public users. The specific subject of this collection of information will have better value in the virtual world and in the real world.
In addition, a blog is an arena for the librarian to conduct self-actualization. Blog arena can be a fairly representative for the librarian to learn to write.
Write ideas freely without power should be limited by the newspaper editorial staff. When the writings librarian can not be published in the print media, blogs can be an alternative for ideas, ideas, creativity and librarian. Express the aspirations of the library to the world.
Blog land is wet for the librarian to search for additional credit numbers. Why? Because one of the requirements so that any posts to get a credit number is publicized through the mass media. Writing in the blog include this category because the blog has now become a body mass media that can be accessed online by millions of people on planet earth.
* Romi Febriyanto Saputro, Librarian in the Office of Library UPTD P & K Kab. Sragen, First Race Winner Writing Articles About Kepustakawanan Indonesia Year 2008.

Selasa, 09 Desember 2008

Quo Vadis international school?

Quo Vadis international school?
"In times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future." (E Hoffer)

In the National Education System Act of 2003, the government introduced the new classification of the school. The school is called, among other international schools (SBI), with the category of independent schools (SKM), and the usual school groups (SB). At SBI, the education given the space to use the syllabus of learning and assessment, which is generally used in secondary schools in countries that joined in the OECD. Syllabus learning and assessment functions as the only material to the enrichment of the national curriculum (KTSP). Meanwhile, for schools with the independent category, the education providers can use the semester credit system (SKS) as often in universities. On the other hand, ordinary schools only provide education in classical and using KTSP. Although the classification of schools that may well be seen to encourage change and improve the quality of education, socialization is not running because the maximum, the result is still a little confusing people.

In 2004/05, SMAN 70 Jakarta and the high school syllabus Labschool begin adopting the Cambridge Advanced Level (A Level) in order to enrich the national curriculum on the students. Furthermore, the same program introduced in the State Senior High School 8 Jakarta, SMA Negeri 21 Jakarta, and 68 state high schools in Jakarta. Now, international schools (SBI) is scattered in a number of districts and cities in the country. It is estimated, the end of budget year 2009, the number of SBI will reach 260 schools, consisting of 100 senior high schools, junior (100), and SMK (60), which is expected to be able to release the predicate school rintisannya (Pena Education / online edition, March 28, 2008) .

Good practices

Although the international qualifications of the program is still relatively short, some schools that use the Cambridge IGCSE / A Level in Jakarta has begun to show results of successful work severity. Performance and progress that is a result of the development, dampingan, and supervision of the systematic, regular, and measured by a team of developers SBI established the Office of Secondary Education and Higher Jakarta. It can be seen from the growing awareness of the importance to continue to learn and reflect (reflective teaching and learning) and the development of knowledge and awareness of the democratic and multicultural education, as evidenced when they serve students with the ability, speed, and a variety of interests. Teachers in the SBI to understand the meaning of the concept of deep-learning, higher order thinking skills, and contextual learning for students to know and the more limited, and benefit from learning Rote learning, which is used in ordinary schools. Meanwhile, the progress shown by the students on the attitude seems to independence, responsibility, ability to work together, honesty, tolerance, and Risk Taking.

Results of gaining students in the IGCSE exam in the first three years (2005-2007) is quite delightful. As is known, the Cambridge A Level program is a golden standard of its Cambridge International Examination (CIE), which is recognized certificate for a number of ivy League foreign universities, such as the University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University. Pros from other programs is the learning IGCSE Cambridge assessment and more emphasis on problem-solving ability, to foster creative thinking, and autentik (contextual learning), the material seem a little more difficult. In the IGCSE, almost all of the selected subjects (math, english as a second language, physics, chemistry, and biology), the achievement of students is to give hope, as shown in the graph comparing the results of IGCSE 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 below.


Even for mathematics, the average high school students of Jakarta, which have value (CA) percentage is higher than the student participants over 140 countries Cambridge IGCSE syllabus in the world. Results IGCSE and A Level the period 2005-2007 is enough to give students an overview that middle-school students are also able to show our international performance, although they must be issued without a budget is very large as the Olympics of Science and Mathematics.

As far as the development of the SBI can be used as indicators of the interest and desire of management education in schools and madrasah for innovation and improving the quality of education. Curiosity and courage to try to begin to grow with the positive and delightful. However, a slightly worrying from our findings in several areas, was the speed in the schools to make changes (to adopt syllabus learning and assessment foreigners) are still not balanced with efforts to systematically strengthen and improve the quality of resources, personnel (principals, teachers, and management), build a system of accountability and control over all the academic activities and financial administration of schools. As a result, the growth of the SBI so quickly that even cause problems, kontraproduksi, and loss of direction (a sense of direction). With the loss of the message changes, which changes from the previous tecermin the school management to become more transparent, accountable and participatory, the program is suspected of SBI will only bring a new emergency on the community. Low quality of the management of SBI recognized Surya Dharma PhD, Director of the Ministry of Education staff. 260 school heads from the SBI, given the English language ability test, TOEIC, according to Surya Dharma, only 10% have adequate ability, while the remainder, only 90% of their ability score reached 245, meaning that is still below the basic level (Elementary). Other data, the results of IELTS test, which will be projected teacher can teach in class stub international situation is similar. From about 40 participants, less than 20% are able to obtain IELTS score between 4,0-4,5, while the rest only a score between 2,5-3,7. Even a teacher allowed to teach international program must have a minimum score of 6.5 on IELTS (or a score of 550 on the TOEFL). The results of an assessment of competency and academic ability of teachers pedagogical instructor shows the situation is almost the same, unfortunate.

On the basis of that, the Ministry of Education is expected to be little to keep and control the growth of schools SBI. The Ministry of Education should dare to begin reflection on the concept and implementation of SBI so far. The Ministry of Education (directorate-level central directorate builder, the center of curriculum, assessment center, and offices of education) must be able to sit together to formulate policies on the back of SBI with better and more measurable. The Ministry of Education must be prepared Roadmap SBI, revisited curriculum framework, reviewing standards, assessment and evaluation program used for this. So that the results of the study can be more optimal result, the Ministry of Education should also involve schools joined in the national plus school (NSP) and other educational institutions that have been experienced and successful in managing international education programs (international Credentials). The Ministry of Education should try to release the attitudes have (possessive) over the ability to grow and start working together (Collaborative works) with institutions / individuals outside the government (non-state agencies) that might be seen during this very critical of some government policies.

Efforts to improve the quality of education must be supported by development of teachers, principals, and management (capacity building), which conducted a systematic, measurable, and sustainable development by involving all stakeholders in education. Understanding the importance of development resources, personnel (SDK) in a sustainable it must put in every manager and implementing education policies and central regions. In addition, the function and role of school principals should always be more diefektifkan mainly related to the management of learning (AND management) and monitoring and evaluation (monitoring and evaluation). Head of school should be a model and source of inspiration for teachers, students, and other management schools. Furthermore, the head of the school with other education stakeholders should be able to build and develop a shared vision of the school and developed together, too. Any changes will bring new challenges and expectations. However, as mentioned by Hoffer at the beginning of this writing, only for those who can afford to maintain and nourish motivasinya to continue learning (Learner), which will be able to inherit and control the future of the planet that is always changing.

Syamsir by Nature, The Education Foundation Sukma

The meaning is to Interest Read

Great. That response to news that Indonesia could become a model for the eradication illiterates in the Asia Pacific region. Rating given the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Since 2007, adult illiteracy in Indonesia declined 1.7 million people, to be 10.1 million. Around 7 million of them women. Success adult illiteracy eradication program, among other support 59 universities and the private sector in various regions in Indonesia. Window open more world-wide for their literacy.

However, the figure was not in line with UNESCO's survey results indicate that our interest is very low reading. Two years ago we are the lowest in Asia. Meanwhile, the International Educational Achievement record reading ability of Indonesian students in the lowest areas of ASEAN. Conclusions drawn from the research over 39 countries. Indonesia ranks to 38. Two among other things that cause the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) put us in the order in the case of low development of human resources.

Reality-reality was to prove, literacy does not guarantee increased interest and ability to read. We need to be concerned. Without reading interests, from which we can obtain fresh ideas and new? Seen from the number of our population and the number of daily circulation each day, the percentage of reading newspapers is very small. Surrounding the 1%? UNESCO set, as 10%.

Editorial Media Indonesia Monday and discussed this matter. Among others The progress of electronic media one of the factors that hamper the participating interest in reading speed. Indeed, the first since we rely much more oral than written culture. Community we prefer to watch the puppet, for example. That the number of books in local languages does not mean, confirming the assumption was. But we are not too surprised when we see people now spend far more time in front of the television than reading. Symptoms of this actually exists in all countries, depending on the citizen groups, watch, and the type of reading material there.

There should be social pressure influence. For example, if the interest and ability to read a requirement for social classifications? In the lower level, our people are illiterate, or the ability to read less, work more difficult to find sufficient if compared with their more educated. This should encourage people to learn to read better.

The situation with other people in developed countries. Reading seems to have become a part of life. Read also entertainment. Systems and facilities built to support it. Once the cumulative readings of the meaning of the history of solid, scientific meaning, or the solid values of humanity, moral and spiritual, and entertainment, so that people choose to live in it. Reading has become part of their lifestyle.

Alex Inkeles, sociology professor emeritus at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University, once said the main purpose of economic development is to achieve a decent living standard for all people. However, it seems we agree, the progress of a nation can not be measured only from the GNP per capita of its people. Development also includes ideas mendewasakan political life, such as tecermin in the process of government that stable and orderly, who supported the inclination of many people. Also includes a comprehensive education for the people, including the development of arts and culture, communication facilities, and the enrichment of all forms of recreation. In conclusion, development requires changes in attitudes and behavior of humans. Need of transformation. The most powerful means of communication for the transformation. Including the reading.

So far, we seem confused about the idea of transformation. Reasonable demands because of the transformation changes the way of thinking. The little we should leave the way of thinking that has long sediment in the culture and we have expired. Already tens or even hundreds of years. Leaving it as leaving the principles of our original life. Drag overextend contradiction about this is still happening until now. In the case modernization, our heterogeneous society.

According to Inkeles, the characteristics of modern humans, two; the external and internal. The first related to the environment. The second is about the attitudes, values and feelings. The external changes are easily recognizable. Urbanization, mass communication, industrialization, political life, and education, all the symptoms of modernization. However, even the modern environment, we did not by itself a modern human. Just when we successfully change the way we think, our feelings change, to change our behavior, then we can call themselves a modern human.

The characteristics of modern man if he is willing to open themselves to new experiences, innovation and change. Then the world will open the window. That can all happen in the beginning through the reading of modern humans because not only limit the horizon in the neighborhood environment, but want to widen horizon to horizon other.

The problem now, how to increase interest in reading, and improve the quality and quantity of reading materials in accordance with the needs of modern society? About illiterate, we are considered a model for the eradication illiterate, the system is, of course we will continue. If you can, mempercepatnya. Kartini (1879-1904) is more than seabad and berprakarsa teaching reading and writing of his people even though he himself only completed primary school. Now there are 7 million illiterate women. Fact is deplorable and should be lamented. The possibility that they live in villages and remote areas that are difficult to reach.

About the quality and quantity of reading material, actually two things, the interests and reading, forming a vicious cycle. Interest can be read by reading material quality and / or a decoy. If the interest amount read a lot, a lot of quantity. So forth. Quality and quantity of the book insuffcient, and affordable price, can keep people from temptation, temptation other entertainment that is not quality.

That the people, from children to parents, often glued to watch television, as throughout their spare time. Perhaps because there is no other entertainment, or because there is no requirement for children to read more at home. In addition, there is no obligation for parents to give example. About keteladanan parents, in the Public Library of Sarawak, Malaysia, by requesting the cooperation parents to inculcate reading habit. People tualah the loan book. In several weeks, officials Public Library come back to replace the books with the new.

Experience is presented by the representatives of Malaysia when attending international seminars Movement facility Interest Read (GPMB) on Reading for All. GPMB social organization founded in October 2001, initiated by, among others, National Library and the Ministry of National Education. He works to be partners both central and local government efforts to increase interest in reading people. However, despite seven years standing, gaungnya not we hear more. Perhaps the public is also not too concerned when it concerns the interests read.

Seminar on Reading for All held two years ago, also attended by representatives from Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore. They concurred that the increase interest in reading can be done to foster the reading habit in a discipline via the formal education. Speakers from Japan, for example, say they now have a principle; best friend is sitting book. Everywhere in public places we see them reading. The habit is maintained. Schools in Japan require students to read for 10 minutes before learning activities. Methods of education are made in such a way so that students are actively pushed to read.

Read about the Japanese interest rates, already since the Meiji Restoration more seabad ago, Japan has the determination to pursue the progress of Western culture. Until now also thousands of foreign books, especially from the United States and Europe, have been translated into Japanese. As people thirst, they are not constantly gain knowledge and knowledge through reading. For approximately 125 million people, in there every day tens of million copies circulating newspaper, monthly circulation of hundreds of millions of copies of magazines and similar types of publication, and printed each year more than 1 billion books. World record holder. More than 50% of workers handling industry knowledge.

Exposes the envoy abroad seminar in Reading for all the spark the public to read avidly in Indonesia. Essentially they assert, not to advance the interests read closely associated with the increased progress of a community. And increased interest in reading is the most effective channels through which formal education. In the Netherlands, the increased interest in reading circumvented by requiring students to enrich the knowledge of reading, support the library system that meets their needs. In Singapore, the interests of the students read been grown through the curriculum. For example, teachers require that students complete school work with the support of as many books. In Australia, students have the kind of card to write down the title of the book reads. Note the results of reading and assessment of the books that do read every day, before classes start. Teachers told students told the contents of each book has been dibacanya. This system is now also in Indonesian schools affiliated with the Australian schools.

To support the increased interest in reading, it will not be enough with only imbauan and hoots. Many more serious problems faced by the community so that the increased interest is not considered to be read directly into their responsibility. Therefore, these policies must be made in the system, especially in the formal education system. Beyond that, awakening the system and facilities to be supporters hope many people, including the procurement of books that quality affordable price and the number is sufficient. Also, the library, a library that amount sufficient to schools from primary level to university libraries and public-library. For example, other than that owned by the government, will be very ideal if every neighborhood, or at least every RW, berprakarsa build a library or reading hall for the residents. A number of cultural activists have done so.

Hopefully we can prove it, what benefits menggulirkan tradition of reading for human development of modern Indonesia for the future. Books reading children that fairy tales and stories challenging or mysterious, for example, can develop the imagination of children know, without limit. If they are strong enough imagination, they probably will not leave without trying to achieve. Similarly, through reading, we will be willing to leave the narrow views that are not in accordance with the time. Many of the books that solid information about the development of knowledge and experience of the world community in turn will be berpacu we make progress in pursuing that also be tried nations.

By Toeti Adhitama, Member of the Board of Editors Media Group

Debate Lumpur Sidoarjo

Case mud in Sidoarjo technically still fishing pro and contra. For example, underground blowout (UgBO) in the wells Banjarpanji-1, which is the cause of the accused (David 2007, and Tingay 2008), still in the form of a hypothetical controversial because the various data and facts to contradict.

In addition to this hypothetical need to be proven correct, there is still a hypothetical two more near, the mud volcano caused remobilisasi zone, high (overpressured zone) through the field tereaktifikasi fault that the increased movement by the earthquake and tektonik (Mazzini, 2007) and hypothetical Geothermal , The discharge superheated hydrothermal fluids bertemperatur and high pressure through the field rekahan (Sudarman 2007).

Tektonik increase in activity as a cause of the emergence of mud in Sidoarjo (Lusi) support the increased activity of Mount Merapi and Semeru three days after the Yogyakarta earthquake on 27 May 2006 and the accident results of drilling mud loss (loss circulation) in the wells Banjarpanji-1 about 10 minutes after the earthquake and the total circulation loss of 2 times after the aftershock. Thermal data recorded Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) shows the increase in the activities of Mount Merapi and Semeru of 2-3 times, as discussed in the Harris and Ripepe Paper, 2007.

Mud volcano is not new in East Java, as we can see at Scone collapse structure (7km from Lusi), Kalang Anyar & Pulungan (Sedati, Sidoarjo), Mount Anyar (Campus UPN Surabaya), Bleduk Kuwu & Keradenan (Pretoria) , Wringin Anom / Pengangson (Lawrence), Semolowaru (Campus Unitomo, Surabaya), Dawar Blandong (Greystones), Sangiran (Central Java), Socah (Belfast, Madura). Mud volcano has been there since the days of old, even recorded in the Book of Pararaton, Fiber Sheena, Chronicle of the velocity, folklore Timun Mas (Satyana, 2007). Only the time of birth is associated with the drilling of wells as the cause.

After data is analyzed drilling wells, appeared in the wells UgBO not happen. The pressure in the well is too low to cause rekahan long rekahan arrest and has remained open so that the mud out. Sumurnya it, which is the easiest route (the path least Resistance) for the discharge of mud in the dead, not removing the mud, liquids and gases. Even since the beginning of Lusi mud have been issued with a very high velocity, as 50.000m3 or more than 300,000 bbl / day, the BOP (blowout preventer) in the open. Drilling activity can still be done, such as fishing, cementing and circulating, and others.

At the initial spurt, debit mud equivalent to a third of U.S. oil production, at the peak velocity exceeds Indonesia's oil production, a million barrels per day. The likelihood is very small for a well to remove the debit extreme, the required parameters such as flow and Reservoir permeability greater than 3,500 wells mD with a radius of 2,286 times (about 1.4 km diameter) and exposed in the formation kujung setebal 3,200 times. Simulation is done with debit formula radial flow Equation Darcy Law (Nawangsidi, 2007). As an illustration, permeability, the highest production wells in the formation kujung of 22.5 MD. So, to achieve the required parameters debit Lusi flow 140 times larger.

When first outburst occurred on 29 May 2006, performed well in the injectivity test to determine whether storm-related wells. After drilling mud dipompakan as much as 2 times, there are no signs of a decrease in pressure as the tire leak. The pressure to survive at 900 psi. Injectivity next test conducted on the following day before cementation with the injection pressure of 370 psi with a rate of 2.5 bbl / minute which also showed no relationship between the spray and wells.

Key to determine whether the formation is broken with the calculation of whether there have been UgBO that lead to high pressure that split the point on the formation terlemah. The calculation of the value of using the shut in casing pressure, fluid density, bottom hole pressure and leak-off test data. The calculation that must be using the data read in the wells and the facts that occurred in the field. From the calculations revealed that the formation is not broken.

One effort to investigate whether there is a relationship between the spray and the wells are snubbing time of the operation and re-entry well in the long sonan do with the temperature and logging. If there UgBO, formation will be broken at the point terlemah in the casing shoe and mud flows will be back in the chassis. However, the results of logging sonan not show the 'noise' as a rule if there is a flow Fluid behind the casing and there is no deviation of the temperature anomaly is expected if there have been UgBO.

If the storm associated with the wells and flow through the wells, several months after the storm should only hole wells that have not yet installed a large chassis as tergerus Fluid flow, which is very large. Theory is often expressed by groups UgBO, when Fluid flows from the formation kujung possibilities in the formation kalibeng clay, breaking the formation and bring the results gerusan mud. If so what happened, 'fish' in the hole that should have fallen, not because the hole squeezed again has become very large. In fact, during the snubbing operation at the end of June until the end of the re-entry operations in mid-August, 2006, 'fish' is not life, not fall, and remain in position when the first left.

Differences in opinion and interpretation is actually normal. However, because of concerns the intent of many people, how beautiful if bunker-bunker that contradict each other sitting together, to see the data and the fact that indeed happens, discuss, debate and thorough.

Unfortunately, it does not happen in their own country. Thus the Geological Society in London and the American Association of Petroleum hand movement (AAPG) in Cape Town that will be on the special session on Lusi arena as experts debate the world. When the victims continue to be resolved, concerning the emergence of the trigger spray Lusi need dituntaskan. On the forum held in a thorough debate and held in Indonesia?

By Bambang Istadi, Geolog and Petroleum Practitioners